Jennie Leanne


Mitchell is simply AMAZING to work with. He understands exactly what I do and exactly what I need which has saved many hours of my time since I've started working with him. … [Read more...]

Dana Zeliff


My Frugal Tech has helped me with an array of tasks to keep my website running smoothly. The professional service provided to customers is quick and efficient with competitive rates. I highly recommend My Frugal Tech for all your website development … [Read more...]

Kristie Sawicki


Thanks to the work Mitchell has done for my site I am able to put my focus on what I love most, and that's writing. I can trust that whatever is broke he is more than able to fix it, and many times in very little time! … [Read more...]

Melissa Buckles


I can not say enough good things about My Frugal Tech. I have been impressed with his service and delivery. He made all the changes to my website that I requested quickly and right to my specifications. I give My Frugal Tech two big thumbs up! … [Read more...]

Melissa Garcia


Mitchell is amazing and very talented. I know I can trust Mitchell with my personal information and he is very quick to respond. He is very affordable and he gets the job done. I go to him for all my technical needs. … [Read more...]

Andrea Deckard


My Frugal Tech consistently delivers timely support and results while creating custom requests that are exactly what I envisioned in my head. Mitchell always acts in the most professional way with his customers' needs remaining as the priority at all … [Read more...]